Efficient and reliable ESG reporting

Troubled about your ESG reporting? Open Food Chain is a proven and affordable infrastructure for entire agrifood supply chains to report and manage ESG claims.

Access to reliable data is key for ESG compliance

End-to-end data traceability guarantees supply chain efficiency, consumer trust and sustainability.

  • Lack of good data costs money

Over €600 billion is lost every year due to bad, inaccurate, and missing data.

  • ESG compliance is now a license to sell

Ever-changing legislations and consumer demand is driving the need for compliance and transparency.

Unstoppable transparency from farm to fork

Open Food Chain is an industry-owned public infrastructure that makes your compliance process more efficient. Every participant can publish ESG claims related to batches immediately and automatically. No more emailing or phone calls chasing certificates.

Seamless integration and full data ownership – for less


Works seamlessly with all other technologies, making integration and data exchange fast and easy.

Low Cost

No transaction costs. Users only pay for maintenance and cost-share within and between supply chains.

User owned

Companies own their data and co-own the infrastructure, that is build open source.

Already driving transparency in five industry chains


The most extensive implementation of Open Food Chain to date is in the juice industry, with JuicyChain connecting over 50 different partners in the supply chain. Together, these partners boast over $60B in revenue.


The world’s first open, free, searchable food blockchain. Blockchain Burger focuses on reshaping the role of the chef within the food supply chain. Providing the hospitality industry with better ownership of recipes, guaranteed quality of ingredients, and also on ESG topics like carbon footprints.


The fish feed industry operates with a limited level of traceability and transparency. Retailers have insufficient data and influence on ESG practices. FishChain, supported by the EU, will provide the industry with the needed transparency.


CacaoChain will bring together cacao consumers and producers by facilitating supply chain traceability through an open public data infrastructure. This infrastructure will aid in increasing farm income while also enhancing sustainability and reducing deforestation.

Olive oil

Through blockchain-based administration, olives can be traced back to the plot level, improving traceability and transparency.

Watch your margins grow


Achieve highly efficient compliance

Open food Chain enables real-time data sharing and full traceability, improving supply chain efficiency and reducing the risk of delays, errors, and waste.


Maintain brand integrity

Provide your business partners and consumers with reliable information.


Gain first-line access to innovation

Our digital infrastructure is fully interoperable with new emerging technologies like AI, quantum computing and tokenisation.

Join companies like Refresco and LDC, already using OFC to streamline their supply chain and gain consumer trust